Heading Out, with New Ventures

10 05 2011

The Charity is fired up and ready to cut the lines, so I’ll type madly to give a brief update. This is one of the many moments I think how lucky I am to fish with my brother, who sees me twitching for a last internet message and jerks his thumb at the cabin door.  “Just go.” I scurried up to the grocery store next to the harbor, the closest place with wireless. Good thing, too – just realized we didn’t buy any coffee for this trip!

We’re iced up, fueled up, full of groceries and optimism.  Got a good forecast, and ran 500 pounds of frozen-solid humpies through a chop saw this morning, getting our bait ready. (You’re going to have to see a picture of that process – humpy sawdust everywhere – but another time.)  We’ve got a personal quota of 10,000 pounds of halibut to catch, and anticipate being back in Sitka in a week.

Another exciting opportunity came up about three weeks back. A new friend is launching a website for all things Alaskan commercial fishing-related, and invited me to share some logbook-style posts over there. Alaska Waypoints goes live tomorrow morning, 5.11.11, at 10 AM PST.  You can find my column, “Southeast, Variable,” at http://www.alaskawaypoints.com, with a story from our trip north last week. Please do visit and share with anyone connected to the fishing business; it’s going to be a fantastic resource for our folks.

On that note, I’m ready to grab some coffee and run back to the harbor. Funny how the preparation of getting ready to go fishin’ can be so much more exhausting and frantic than the actual WORK of fishin’, itself.  Martin and I are in agreement: It’s time to leave town so that we can get some rest.

Be well, all – please check back in for some new stories in about a week.



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18 05 2011
(Florida) Girl with a New Life

I featured you on my blog today!

18 05 2011

Tina, thank you! Your post was a great welcome back to land, made me smile and feel much gratitude. Best wishes your way!

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