The View from the Nerka: A Sitka Welcome

23 03 2012

Oh, man, friends…

We arrived yesterday evening to this:

And, like a gift, today received this:

That’s the view from the Nerka’s helm. Absolutely glorious, and I find I’m not able to do much of anything today but smile. (Oh, and spend an hour clearing the snow from the dock and deck, thanks to our wonderful neighbor Zander sharing his red shovel.) 

It’s a really big smile.

No poetic words or big stories today, just pure bliss. I hope you’ve got a place like this in your life – somewhere your eyes can’t seem to drink in quickly enough, somewhere that your heart lightens that moment you return, somewhere that you feel your absolute truest self. If you haven’t met that place of your own just yet, you’re welcome to share mine:



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23 03 2012
Patricia Sands

I too have found that place but am enjoying sharing yours right now. Thanks!

26 03 2012

I’m happy to share, Patricia! Where’s your heart-special place?

24 03 2012

I know very little about Sitka, but it makes me think of Loretta, a girl who, as a junior in high school, came from the snow of Sitka to agricultural central California. (Her father was a forester, like Bob, and Sitka was his most recent post in a long career of move after move.) I now understand how difficult that transition must have been, and how adaptive and mature she was to make it. I may also now understand from your post the sense of tranquilty that seemed to come over her when she spoke of where she had just been.

26 03 2012

Oh, rough to transition in the midst of high school (or any time in school, really.) Thanks for sharing this story, Linda – your timing was great, as my friend at the library had just asked, “Is that hard, switching back and forth between two places?” Sounds like young Loretta handled it gracefully.

24 03 2012
Ron McDaniel

Just came home from a 12 day trip, my wife and son joined me for the last 5 days. Though I get to see some neat parts of the country, I think maybe they understand why nothing beats the sound of gravel under my tires. We live 1 1/2 miles off the pavement and when I hear that gravel crunching I know I’m almost home. Look forward to following you and Captain J, stay safe.

26 03 2012

Welcome home, Ron! What a treat to have your family join you, and for you to get some time at home. Powerful stuff, having such a physical, audible song of homecoming, like the gravel beneath your tires and the ravens croaking up here. As always, our best wishes to you and yours, friend.

24 03 2012
Mary Jean

Thank you so much for that sweet slice of pie… Sitka dreams.
Hope you saw the 2 planets and that sliver of a moon in the sky tonight .. if not keep a close eye tomorrow night. The moon should be between Venus and Jupiter. Beautiful night full of stars and we can see them for a change!

26 03 2012

No planets for us… We got some clouds with the night. Oh well – glad that you could enjoy them for all of us! Sounds like it was special indeed.

25 03 2012

What a glorious sight. I think I will share in your space for a moment. Looking forward to all your adventures.

26 03 2012

Make yourself right at home, Annie – you’re a welcome companion!

11 04 2012

Hey Tele

The FV Pioneer will not be far behind. Will see ya on the drag.


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