Hooked Visits New Friends & Goes Fishing

25 04 2012

Just a short update here, friends. The deck is loaded with all of our longline gear, the fish hold is optimistic with plenty of ice and bait, and I just got my last shower until we’re back in town. All that remains is a quick run for groceries, then we’ll untie this evening and set off for our first halibut trip. Delivering fresh fish, we can’t stay out for longer than five days; hopefully, we won’t need close to that much time to catch our small quota.

Before heading out of communication, I just wanted to share some news with you. Hooked had a big day yesterday, appearing some new places, making some new friends.

Author Patricia Sands’ blog’s tagline is, “Everyone has a story,” and Patricia is a powerful facilitator in sharing those stories.  We’ve been following one another’s work since last fall, and I’ve been impressed with Patricia’s enthusiasm, commitment, and generosity in hosting a diverse range of guests. I was honored to be interviewed on her blog yesterday, talking about the fishing/boat life, boat cats, and writing. Please do pay her site a visit, and Patricia, many thanks – I had a great time talking with you and your readers!

If you’re not familiar with Grist, this is an excellent time to get to know their work. “A beacon in the smog,” this environmental online magazine is known for its wry, hip tone – yet they accepted an article from so-not-funny me anyway, “How Catching Salmon Can Save a Forest.” Thanks for letting one of the not-so-cool kids sit at your table, Grist!

Just in time… The captain’s got his grocery list ready to go, my crewmate’s finished submitting a couple photos to some contests, and I’m the only one holding up this program anymore. Best wishes, all – be well, and we’ll be back in touch soon.




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25 04 2012
Tom Jr

You and the crew be safe and enjoy the freedom of the water ! Fill the boat with fish !

25 04 2012

Good luck! Fair weather.

25 04 2012

Tele, it was such a pleasure having you hang out on my blog and I know a lot of new readers discovered you and “Hooked”. Thank you so much for your kind words here. Safe seas to you, Cap’n J and Bear and any other crew! We’ll be waiting to hear from you.

26 04 2012
Lisa W. Rosenberg

Congratulations on the Salmon article! Happy fishing!

26 04 2012
andrew thoms

Great article on Grist Tele. And thanks for the props to the Sitka Conservation Society website!!! All the fishermen and women who read your blog and have been writing to and calling policy makers on protecting and restoring salmon habitat are having an impact. We are hearing from people within the federal agencies that they are really happy to hear from fishermen and are happy to hear them speaking up about where their salmon are coming from and why it is important to manage the land for salmon. There are so many people (even within the Forest Service) who know that it is better to manage the temperate rainforests for producing wild and sustainable salmon rather than clear-cutting old growth Forests. Your blog really gives a forum for bringing together like-minded people and helps them make their voice heard and is exactly what we need to go against the powerful resource extraction corporations and their lobby. Thank you so so much!!!

27 04 2012
Spencer severson

Joel, you’ve got a good eye! Spencer

28 04 2012
Linda Lambert

Have a great five days, plus or minus; I look forward to reading your posts…but it’s much better having you in class.

29 04 2012

Tele, I am honored and humbled by your comments on my blog. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my pieces and introducing yourself. We have so much in common with our blogs, right down to your work as an advocate for youth in Seattle. I have enjoyed reading your stories of your fishing life, and so look forward to reading and learning more. You made this a red-letter day for me. 🙂

1 05 2012

Thanks for the kind words, all. Returning to your comments is a highlight of coming back to shore! (Yes, the trip went well enough; turning around and heading back out shortly.)

1 05 2012

some people have all the fun – because they are fun!
David in Maine USA

2 05 2012
Tina L. Hook

Patricia’s blog sounds fantastic. I will be visiting her shortly. Safe travels.

3 05 2012

Tina, I suspect that you and Patricia would get along fabulously – you both do such good work creating connections and spreading inspiration! I think she’ll love your Blog Mingle.

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