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2 05 2012

The harbor wi-fi’s been cooperative this week, keeping me distracted with all kinds of internet goodness – including some friends’ achievements!

Longtime readers have already heard me rave about Cami Ostman. We worked together in Seattle’s homeless youth services; 10 years later, our paths merged in the Bellingham writing community. Author of the inspiring memoir Second Wind and founding member of Red Wheelbarrow Writers, Cami’s a generous mentor and beloved friend.  Yesterday, she gave a fantastic interview on ABC’s show The Revolution, discussing her own inner revolution of running marathons on all seven continents. Watch “Running Across the Globe” here.

Fellow fisherman writer Jen Pickett scored an interview with PBS! Jen’s a pioneer: when she was only 28 years old, she became one of the only women to own and operate her own boat on the legendary Copper River Flats. She’s also a memoirist, a Fisher Poet, an adventurer, and a pleasure to know. Read her interview to learn about her 20 years at sea, how commercial fishing has changed in that time, and which Muppet she’d hire as crew.

Those of you in the Seattle – Vancouver B.C. area, I recommend marking 6 pm, May 22, on your calendars. Laura Kalpakian’s Memory into Memoir students will have a public reading at Bellingham’s beloved independent bookstore, Village Books. This event concludes three quarters of exhaustive writing, critiquing, and revising. I had the privilege of spending fall and winter with these writers. They’re a tremendously gifted, courageous group, telling extremely diverse life stories. If you’re in the area, please go, listen to their stories, and give them some extra love for me.

Big hugs to all – I’m so proud of the whole bunch of you!

And you, friends? Anything wonderful going on that you want to share?



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2 05 2012
Julie Farrar

I heard about your friend, Cami. That kind of challenge is beyond me but I love to hear about what motivates people to these feats. Nothing much to report right now from my end. Thursday will mark the third day of my May blogathon postings. I guess we can say blogging three days in a row is an accomplishment for me. Glad to know your internet is working.

3 05 2012

Your May blogathon DEFINITELY counts as an accomplishment, Julie! I’m so impressed with the content and quality of what you’ve been able to produce every day. And your daughter’s recent running made me think of Cami’s experience. I’m more in your camp… Hearing what running has meant for others has made me curious about it, enough to tinker with a couple short runs this winter, but I admit I haven’t really “gotten it” yet. My favorite part is going for doughnuts after the run is over!

2 05 2012
Cami Ostman

Tele, I had drinks with Pam and Laura tonight and we talked about how much we miss you! I’m glad you’re doing what you love, but I’m more glad you’ll come back to us at the end of the season! xo

3 05 2012

Imagining the three of you out, energetically talking writing with wine/beer in hand, gives me a great big smile and warm heart. Save a spot and a cup of tea, and I’ll join you in about 5 months! *hugs*

3 05 2012

Tele, thank you for these fabulous links. I just watched Cami’s excellent visit on ABC and read Jen’s interview. Both terrific! This is the beauty of connections,isn’t it? Wonderful information sharing. Coincidentally, the main character in my current WIP is a woman suddenly divorced who searches for new meaning in her life so Cami’s interview really connected with some of the thoughts of my character. Do you think it would be appropriate for me to ask if I might feature her video on one of my posts? I’m going to link this post of yours to my blog as well. SO GOOD!

3 05 2012
Wendy Welch

Such fun y’all are having over there on the West Coast! Rock on, women!

3 05 2012

We ARE having fun, Wendy, and you’re so invited to this party! I’ve been prattling on about your book to a whole string of Sitkans. Will you have a book trailer that I can post here?

(Friends: Wendy’s book, The Little Bookstore of Big Stone Gap: A Memoir of Friendship, Community, and the Uncommon Pleasure of a Good Book” is available for pre-order on Amazon. I’m so looking forward to curling up with a copy, and suspect many of you would love her adventure of creating connections between very different people, one book at a time.)

3 05 2012

Honestly, Patricia, you and Julie are two of the folks who’ve really modeled information sharing for me. I admire the way you both promote others and foster connections like these! I’m glad Cami’s interview resonated with your character… I suspect that she’d be delighted by your inclusion!

22 05 2012

This is a great idea, Tele. I’ll have to do it soon on my blog.

Thanks for the shout out. Where’s you own shout out? I just saw your mug in Pacific Fishing! I think it was last month’s issue. Rock fish on, sista!


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