The Nerka’s First Seabound Sunrise of 2012

1 07 2012

Surprise, friends!

Happy July 1st – opening day of 2012’s first summer king salmon opening. If all’s as it should be today, Cap’n J leapt out of the bunk at 2:30 this morning, unable to contain himself a moment longer. Right now the good ship Nerka is hopefully slowly dragging her hooks through exactly the right spot of Southeast Alaska’s coastal waters, on a pleasant ocean, with lots of beautiful wild Alaskan king salmon to keep us busy.

Unless something goes terribly awry with the boat or us, we won’t be back to shore until after this opening closes – likely 8 to 10 days from now – so I can’t offer any current updates on how it’s looking out there. What I can do, thanks to WordPress’s handy scheduled publication option, is share a different first morning with you. The video below is from April 3, when Cap’n J and I headed out to Sitka Sound for our first day of winter king fishing. For two weeks, we had an amazing time; weather-wise, it was the best April that veteran winter king  trollers could remember. We’re ruined forever, left with a starry-eyed fantasy that it’ll surely be just as pleasant next year.

Hope you’re doing well, friends. If you want to follow our weather conditions, visit NOAA’s marine weather. It’s an enormous coast, but we’ll be somewhere in the midst of the Dixon Entrance and Cape Fairweather forecasts. Best wishes to you all.



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1 07 2012
Jodi Aman

It’s beautiful!

1 07 2012

Loved sitting on the Nerka to watch that sunrise! Glorious!

1 07 2012

Beautiful! Please post some more for us landlocked fishers!!

1 07 2012

From your landlubber goat girl adventurer – happy sea trails!

2 07 2012
andrew thoms

Good luck tele and J: go and get ’em!

12 07 2012

Hey! I’m in Sitka and salmoning things up as well. Send me an email if you get a few minutes of shore time and maybe we can grab a coffee or a Baranof brew.
Good luck out there!

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