Cap’n J Visits the Oregon Coast

12 11 2012

Almost at National Novel Writing Month’s midpoint, I’m still buried in this month-long exercise to produce as many words as possible. (They say 50,000; I’m shooting for writing every day and being thankful for whatever results. I’m already breaking the “rules” anyway, working on a memoir instead of a novel.) I’ve missed you, and just wanted to pop in to send a little hello, let you know that all’s well here. I hope it’s so for you, too.

While I spent a few days in Sitka at the beginning of this month (an amazing, wonderful, heart-full time), Joel headed off in the opposite direction. He did a photography workshop on one of his favorite places, the Oregon Coast. I’m not able to share many words with you this month, so I’d like to showcase some of Cap’n J’s lovely images instead. Here’s one that seemed appropriate after our recent conversation on what keeps some of us so leashed to the sea.

Enjoy, friends, and be well –




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12 11 2012
Jolene Hanson

Joel is quite the photographer!

Think of it this way: You can write everyday…and without putting words on paper. Part of the creative process is organizing our thoughts and our ideas in our heads. Go for a walk. Enjoy a cup of coffee looking out over the bay. Fill your mental tablet. I think that counts.

13 11 2012

Nice praise coming from someone who’s quite the photographer herself! I love that Ireland photo gallery on your blog… Stunning, my friend.
(Seriously, Hooked readers who want to see some gorgeous countrysides – sheep, cows, fog, fairy trees, coffin ships, seaside cliffs and all – visit

Writing even when we’re not putting words on paper… That’s a freeing, encouraging thought indeed! Thanks for that.

12 11 2012

Oy! I’ve been away from the sea altogether for a mere 5 days, and already miss it more than I can say.

Thanks for a beautiful image! It is such things that help me hold onto sanity at these times, for the endless weeks until I can return to the sea again.

13 11 2012

Lynn, I’m afraid I haven’t properly greeted you to Hooked yet… Welcome, and thanks for being here! I so appreciated your thoughtful sharing on a previous post (the question about what it is the ocean gives us), but have been negligent in my responses. Which parts of the sea do you frequent? I’m glad – and Joel will be, too – that this image can help carry you through until your return. Glad to have you with us, Lynn.

12 11 2012
Claire 'Word by Word'

Good luck with that challenge, I agree, it’s just as good to be inspired into a new writing activity as it is to take part in NaNo, I’m enjoying doing so in collaboration with my daughter, she’s drawing the pictures and I’m writing the story into my blog, it has solved the problem of her wanting her own blog – for now at least!

13 11 2012

Thanks for the encouragement, Claire! Your daughter’s illustrations have been fabulous; I love that you’re artists collaborating together. (I also love that you’ve clearly modeled a love of words, storytelling, and communication – nice work!)

15 11 2012
(FL) Girl with a New Life

Hi Tele. I’m happy to hear you are taking on NaNoWriMo. Brave girl. I admire everyone who does.

I just took on a writing prompt at my place to stay inspired. Can’t wait to hear more about your memoir.

16 11 2012

Oh, Tele … NaNoWriMo … you are brave! Thanks for the introduction to Jolene’s blog. I see we are both using the same theme! Her photos are indeed lovely. Since you and I first met I have kept Cap’n J’s website bookmarked and frequently visit for a quiet spell of beauty. Good luck with the wordflow!

20 11 2012
Graham Milne

Ten days to go, hope NaNoWriMo is coming along well for you. Was thinking about doing it this year but got sidetracked by Mr. Bond… alas, there’s always 2013. Looking forward to seeing the final product – I’m sure it will be amazing.

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