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6 12 2012

I’ve been mostly on an internet hiatus this week, friends, working on a deadline, but want to quickly share a bit of news. Some of you have asked about the piece that I read at Sitka’s maritime-themed Monthly Grind. I didn’t post it here because I submitted it to a magazine. Happy news: National Fisherman bought that essay, “After the Man in the Tote.” Thanks, NF!

Many Hooked readers are familiar with September 11’s post, “Lost at Sea: The Man in the Tote.” Minutes after watching the Coast Guard’s amazing rescue, I scribbled madly, convinced that this miraculous survival story needed to be shared. But at the same time, a second story tapped my shoulder. “There’s a different way to look at this,” it urged. “Even with the unexpected happy ending, what did this scare bring up for other fishermen?”

It certainly triggered some long-buried trauma for Joel and me.

Tele Having a Bad Time

You can read an excerpt of “After the Man in the Tote” in National Fisherman’s January print issue, available now, or read the whole thing on their website, where it’ll be posted for the rest of December. I’m grateful for their support.

Gratitude is a fast-growing creature. Since Hooked launched in March 2011, I’ve been fortunate to receive so much support from commercial fishermen and our industry advocates. Pacific Fishing linked to Hooked almost from the beginning, publishing a generous introduction article in their June 2011 issue. Alaska Waypoints offered a column upon their own web-launch, and has been a vocal promoter and good friend since. So I’m further honored that National Fisherman has added Hooked to their blogroll, a sweet spot between iconic photographer/fisherman Corey Arnold and gillnetter/direct marketer Matt’s Fresh Fish.

Over the 28 years that I’ve been fishing, there have definitely been times I didn’t feel like I “fit.” Times when my gender or left-listing values seemed to set me firmly apart from my shipmates. As I’ve observed more young people and more women enter our fleet, more fishermen identifying environmental advocacy as a necessary extension of our profession, and heard from folks who’ve found their own life experiences reflected on Hooked, that sense of other-ness has lessened. The publications listed above have helped me see our vast oceans as small, interdependent communities. They provide valuable information and advocacy, reminding us that we’re in this together – dependent on each other, regardless of our various regions or fisheries – and that there’s room at this table for all.

I’m thankful to be offered a chair.


(January is also National Fisherman’s popular “Crew Shots” issue, and you can look forward to seeing some familiar faces. Fellow fishing blogger Jen Karuza Schile’s husband is pictured with his longtime crew, proudly representing the F/V Vis. The Tammy Lin and Lady Linda honor multiple generations of Sitka trollers. You’ll see Cap’n J and me soaking up the rays as we cut halibut cheeks on a sunny June day. I’m delighted that we’re sharing the back page with Jen Pickett, Cordova gillnetter, blogger, Fisher Poet and friend.)




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6 12 2012
Chris Wallace


6 12 2012

Thanks, Chris! I’ve been enjoying your “Prepare to Come About” excerpts – have known a few folks who ended up with Divorce Boats! Glad you and Jeff went with the lovely Kwaietek.

(Friends: visit http://flota-navium.blogspot.com/ to follow Chris’s adventures of life aboard “a little house on the big sea.”)

6 12 2012

Happy you found your Tribe! At Last!

6 12 2012

Joy, between the fisherfolk, the fisherwriters/poets, the writers, the social workers, and the bounty of good people in this world, I’m blessed with an abundance of tribes! Thanks for being one of them for so long.

6 12 2012

I went to your reading at Fish Expo, but had to take off before you read. My ride was leaving. Was good to see you waiting to head up for your reading, but would have been nice to talk.
Nice to see you are getting well deserved recognition for your work.

6 12 2012

Mel! Were you sitting in the back with Beth and Stephen? I totally noticed you, but didn’t put it together! Oh, it would’ve been fun to say hello and give you a hug in person, but I’m betting that wasn’t the last time our paths will cross. Glad that you got to hear Dano, and hope that all’s well and you had a good Seattle visit.

6 12 2012

Yeah, that was me.
See you sometime!

7 12 2012

Congratulations! What a story of substance, so well told.

7 12 2012

Congratulations, Tele. Really fine work. Moving and inspirational as always.

8 12 2012
Bore Head

Congratulations on being picked up by National Fisherman.
I just stumbled onto your excellent blog. I got lucky!
I will put it in my favorites and visit often. BH http://fisherynation.com/

9 12 2012
Claire 'Word by Word'

Sounds like great progress to me, sharing your thoughts and experiences with your wonderful writing gift, is like going for the catch that will require significant patience to haul in, and who better than a fisherwoman to know how to do that. Congratulations and so great to hear others are relating and being inspired by your work. Love following your journey.

10 12 2012
(FL) Girl with a New Life

It has been a pleasure to watch your voice blossom here, Tele.

I’m excited to see where your words take you, friend.

15 12 2012

I’m so behind with my favourite blogs … sorry! I just finished reading your fine piece in the National Fisherman. How wonderful to see your writing receiving the recognition it deserves. Learning about the complexities, challenges and beautiful moments of life as you know it is an enriching experience and I thank you for that.

18 12 2012


20 12 2012
Follow the links | east.bay.writer

[…] Congrats are in order for Tele of Hooked, and I want to spread the word about her success!  I’ve been very lucky to stumble across the writing of a few people that I’ve also been able to create a genuine connection with, even if it is just in blogland, and Tele is one of those people.  I’m so excited to see her piece on National Fisherman.  Check it out! […]

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