Raven Radio

Sitka Conservation Society

Sitka Nature: An Aspiring Naturalist Learns His Place

Sitka Webcam

Trollart: The Artwork of Ray Troll

Friends of the Fleet

Alaska Longline Fishermen’s Association

Alaska Marine Safety Education Association

Alaska Trollers Association

Cap’n J’s Photography


Fisher Poets: In the Tote

Pacific Fishing

Patrick Dixon, Writer/Photographer

More of Us Than It Seems (Women in Fishing)

Fishes & Dishes

Highliners and Homecomings: Five Generations of Commercial Fishing and Family

Pick Fish Tales: Adventures of a Woman Commercial Fishing in Alaska

The Fishing Blues: Tales of a Fishing Family


Food Voices: Stories of the Food Sovereignty Movement

Save Our Wild Salmon

Seafood Watch: A Consumer’s Guide to Sustainable Seafood

Sitka Conservation Society

Sitka Local Foods Network


4 responses

16 03 2012
Reg Hesketh

Re your article “Vanishing boats…” . I found your comments about the disappearance of the Lady Cecelia quite touching when looking for information about the loss of my cousin’s son Luke. Also an interesting insight into life on the sea in your part of the world. Thanks.
Reg Hesketh

16 03 2012

Reg, I’m so sorry for your family’s loss. If this post can extend a gesture of comfort across the Atlantic, condolences from the many strangers who are keeping your family, and the other survivors, in our thoughts and hearts, then I’m grateful. My best wishes to you and yours.

5 10 2012
Caleb J. Schaller

I’d like to buy whole Salmon directly from the boat next time you’re in a Washington port. Our family did that once or twice from Don Power. Would that be possible? My phone is 425-478-5330. -Caleb Schaller

8 10 2012

Thanks so much for your interest, Caleb. Don Power (Joel’s dad) is still selling our fish; I forwarded your contact info directly to him. Best wishes, and many thanks for supporting wild Alaskan salmon!

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