Hooked Ends 2012 on a Note of Change

31 12 2012

I’m a migratory creature. Twenty-five years as a fisherman will do that, successfully rewiring one’s homing instincts to change with the seasons. Too long in one place, I get twitchy. So it suddenly strikes me as funny that Hooked has held the same home – down to the same floorplan! – since its inception.

Brace yourself, sweeties. We’re ringing the New Year in on a note of change.

Hooked launched on March 18, 2011 – entirely thanks to prodding by my friend and mentor, author Cami Ostman. Upon hearing my self-conscious mumbles about wanting to write, she asked, “Are you blogging? You should be blogging!”

I hadn’t considered that. All I knew at the time was that I had a desperate hunger to find a writing community, similarly driven people who would inspire and hold me accountable, and no idea of how to find them. Despite self-doubt and an embarrassingly high level of technological incompetence, Cami’s suggestion seemed a good place to start. Maybe an online community would help get me out of my own way.

That, certainly – and so much more. I couldn’t have imagined the diverse collection of people who’d converge here, or what powerful, generous allies you’d be. Just as you deserved honoring (and cake!) on Hooked’s first birthday, I want to close 2012 with appreciation. As often as I try to express this, words fail to capture  how grateful I am for your reading, your writing, your presence here.

WordPress has been a good home for us – particularly for tech-challenged me. But our community has grown. I’d like to bring out a few more chairs, offer a comfortable space with new rooms to explore. Thanks to my longtime friend the Chicago Boy, that space is almost ready. Generously trading his web-savvy for fish, he’s been putting together an author’s site that includes this blog’s new home.

Every migration reminds us that, no matter how many times we’ve pointed the bow north or south, there are always surprises. Unforeseen bumps, essentials we’ve forgotten. In the case of Hooked’s migration, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that all of you subscribers will be successfully transferred to the new site. Feeling anxious about that – I’d hate to lose any of you – but hoping for a smooth transition.

Stand by, sweeties. As soon as the site is live, I’ll post one final message here, inviting you to join me at our new home. (I hope you will.) Whether you’ve been following Hooked from the beginning or are a recent friend, thank you for being here. My best wishes to you and yours for a safe, happy New Year.


Joel's Starrigaven Sunset

Also, thanks to everyone who submitted quotes. If you’d like your name to go into the boot for tomorrow’s drawing (gifts! for 2 of you!), you’ve still got time. I’d love to hear your favorite words.




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31 12 2012
Jon Emerson

Will Hooked, and its archive of blogs, remain available through the new site?

Thanks- Jon

31 12 2012

That is an excellent question… According to plan and what I see behind-the-scenes at the new site, it’s all there. Unless something goes terribly awry in the final moments – which I worry about with every keystroke – I think it’ll be okay. Regardless, Hooked should still appear over here, too, though with the comments closed down and a reminder of the new location.

Speaking of new friends, I’m so pleased you’re here, Jon – thanks for representing the other northern corner! Best new year’s wishes for you and yours.

31 12 2012
Cami Ostman (@camiostman)

Excited for you, Tele! You’ve been working hard! You’re my hero.

31 12 2012

“When you’re finished changing, you’re finished. ” Benjamin Franklin
Good for you, Tele!

31 12 2012
Graham Milne

Looking forward to the next adventure!

1 01 2013
Claire 'Word by Word'

Wow, this ship’s got momentum and I just love what a kind exchange can bring, look forward to the move and what 2013 will bring. Bonne Courage. 🙂

1 01 2013

Cheers, Tele! You’re an inspiration.

1 01 2013

Ooops – I forgot to leave my quote, meant to return to that post and of course got sidetracked.
“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.” – Thank you Albert Einstein.
I loved the Vonnegut quote about being here to “fart around”. There seems to be a certain degree of truth to that.
I’m excited about your new website, Tele! *eagerly tapping fingers* Don’t worry about losing us. We would find you no matter what!

3 01 2013
Aunt Lynn

I do hope, Sweetie, we can still access the prior blogs. I’m way behind as usual. Meanwhile bon voyage from here to your new site. Looking forward to see what you have up your beautiful sleeve. Love, Aunt Lynn

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