Bellingham Writers’ Resolutions, plus a Call for Women Writers

2 01 2013

I’m blessed that both of my home communities have amazing bookstores: Old Harbor Books in Sitka, Alaska, and Village Books in Bellingham, Washington. Independent bookstores do heroic work to foster lively literary communities – readings, events, opportunities you won’t get from Amazon. Village is hosting one of those opportunities this weekend, with their annual “Resolutions for Writers” extravaganza.

Saturday’s five mini-workshops are designed to help jump-start your writing year, by tackling clutter, getting un-stuck, loving finances, intention-setting through collage, and maintaining vision and balance. Check here for more information on teachers and workshop times.

As good as Saturday looks, I’m especially invested in Sunday’s line-up:

If you’re in the Whatcom/Skagit County area, I hope you can join us. Check here for full details.


In an opportunity open to female readers wherever you are, Cami Ostman is seeking submissions for another anthology. (Her first, Beyond Belief: The Secret Lives of Women in Extreme Religion, co-edited with Susan Tive, will be released this spring.)

She Writes Her Life: Women Explore How Writing Has Informed Their Identity Development explores women’s relationships with writing. Why we write, how our writing influences how we think about ourselves and who we are in the world. Essays should be no longer than 3500 words, have a $25 submission fee, and are due by March 4, 2013. Visit Cami’s site for more details.

I’ve had a few friends ask about the submission fee. She Writes Press is an independent publisher that prioritizes empowerment and community. Your $25 covers evaluation and printing, but most importantly, contributes to a pool for publishing at least one pro bono project a year. (Visit She Writes Press to learn more.)

I suspect Cami’s project – and SWP’s values – will resonate with many of Hooked’s regulars. (Happy New Year, Patricia, Tina, EBW, Heather, Claire, Lisa!) Please do pass this opportunity with your own readers. A new year is a great time to start a new essay!




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3 01 2013
Aunt Lynn

Happy New Year, Tele. Wish I could go to some of those workshops! They sound wonderful. Hope you have a grand time there! Love, Aunt Lynn

5 01 2013

Thanks, Aunt Lynn – always a delight to see you over here! You may well be my original inspiration for the importance of workshops… Think I was pretty young when you started taking classes with Ursula! Love to you.

3 01 2013
Cami Ostman (@camiostman)

Thanks for the shout out, Tele. I’m very excited about the new anthology. AND I hope we’ll see as many folks as can make it at the VB Writers’ Resolutions. It’s going to be a wonderful day!!

5 01 2013

You’re most welcome! I’m looking forward to both.

4 01 2013
cordova, 1953

Missed your deadline for favorite quotes, but wanted to send you this from Charles Dickens:

‘Men have been chained to hideous prison walls and other strange anchors ‘ere now, but few have known such suffering and bitterness at one time or other, as those who have been bound to Pens”

Write On!!

5 01 2013

Thanks for this, Cordova, and lovely to hear from you. There’s no deadline on the quotes, only on the possibility of winning surprise gifts. 🙂 Your contributions are always appreciated.

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